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Keep Our Dream Alive

Buy a Coffee & Keep Our Dream Alive.....

With the international pandemic of Covid-19, many businesses, including our own, have taken a major financial strain across the board. As we completely agree that no business being open warrants the cost of a human life, we have closed our doors and ensured we all stay at home during this lock down period.

The most important thing to us though, is our family. Our family consists of 17 staff members who rely heavily on the foot traffic of customers and its for this reason we want to reach out to the community to help take care of them and also keep our dream alive.

We are not asking for ANY donations, we are simply asking you to purchase one of our delicious coffees and collect it after lock down.

Our dream is to create a fun, creative, family environment and during this time, we stand together in helping eachother get through this. We have therefor set a target for 6000 coffees be sold during lock down and with your help we believe anything is possible.

Please share our request with all friends and family, as this will go a long way in helping our incredible staff.

We thank you for the loyal support and look forward to seeing you after the lockdown.

With Love,

Bloomsberry Cafe